Abusive Floor Clause Applied to Spanish Mortgages

What is an Interest Floor Clause?

It is a clause included in many mortgages on which the lender puts a limit on how low the interest rate can fall to, usually around 3 percent, and this in many cases is illegal. This means that no matter how low the Euribor (the rate on which mortgage rates are based) falls, the customer must always pay the interest back at the fixed minimum interest rate.

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If you have taken out a Spanish mortgage during the last decade, it is highly probable that you have been a victim of the unfair interest. You can now recover the overpaid amounts and get a reduction on your interest.


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If you have a Spanish Mortgage there may well be a floor clause, in which case you can make a bank claim. Spanish floor clause is illegal and legal action can give you a mortgage interest reduction. Lexland specialize in Mortgage Claims.