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Real Estate Law

At Lexland Lawyers one of our principal specialties is the provision of real estate services to developers, construction companies and individuals. We advise our clients on an array of real estate related matters, such as the sale and acquisition of real estate, leases, preparation of sales contracts, development and construction contracts, and even urban planning.

Here are a few of the services we commonly provide at the real estate department:

  • Purchasing a property

Lexland has a team of experts with many years of experience and knowledge, thus guaranteeing a smooth and professional purchasing experience. We carry out all legal procedures related to purchasing a property in Spain, ensuring the new owner, that the property is acquired in an unencumbered and optimal urban state. We offer our clients extensive advice and guidance throughout the process, from the signing of the pledge or deposit to completing the registration of the deed in the registry.

  • Advise on Timeshare acquisitions.
  • Purchasing an off-plan property

Lexland Lawyers has extensive experience in advising clients on buying an off-plan property. In such scenario, Lexland draft the purchase agreement that best protects our client’s interests and ensures that the guarantees provided by Law 57/1968 are delivered.

  • Sale of real estate

We advise our clients who wish to sell their property, representing and advising them throughout the process and calculating the tax payable by the seller, such as goodwill and capital gains.

  • Constitution of a mortgage guarantee

As part of the additional service, our Real Estate department provides a mortgage broker, to gather all documentation required to formalize the mortgage application and refer it to various banks in order to later advise the client on the loan with most advantageous conditions.

  • Leasing property

We advise our clients on the lease of real real estate, whether it is seasonal or general lease.

  • We advise on urban matters

With renowned experts, who make the relevant legal checks prior to the purchase of a property, as well as the legalization of homes that do not have first occupation license.

  • Construction

Within the Construction Law sector, we currently advise many developers and builders on drafting construction contracts and ensuring that all legal requirements are met during the construction process.

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