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Labour Law

Our firm has Labour experts advising both companies and employees. In the case of individuals, our labour attorneys handle issues such as unfair dismissals, accidents at workplace and other labour issues, always safeguarding the interests of our customers.

Below you will find a more detailed outline of the services we provide at our Labour Law department:

  • Provision of advice and legal defence to clients who are both Spanish nationals and foreigners in the field of Labour Law and Social Security
  • Lawsuit against dismissals

In the scenario of unfair dismissal it is very important that experts consider each particular case and review all the relevant documentation, because in the majority of cases, the worker is entitled to compensation.

  • Application and processing of disability pension

Our lawyers manage the permanent disability pension from Social Security when the worker’s earning capacity is reduced because of an illness or accident. There are varying degrees of disability: partial, total, absolute or serious. Our attorneys will manage the whole process in order to obtain the financial benefits that would cover the loss of revenue.

  • Claims for accident at work

An individual, who suffers an accident during working hours, either during business hours or during the journey to and from work, is eligible to receive compensation. Our experts at Lexland handle complaints related to accidents at workplace and aim to obtain the maximum possible compensation for our clients.

  • Complaints to substantial modifications of conditions suffered without justified cause

Sometimes employers unreasonably alter the conditions prior agreed between the worker and the employer (salary, schedule, functions, geographical mobility etc.,). Our specialists handle these types of claims with the aim of protecting the right of our client.

  • Harassment at the workplace and labour discrimination

We process claims where a worker suffers harassment or discrimination for various reasons during their working relationship.

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