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Damages & Compensation

Lexland Lawyers counts among its staff force with several compensation experts whose years of experience makes them highly apt in their field. Our lawyers are at your disposal to defend your rights, and fight to obtain the largest possible compensation for the result of any physical, moral or proprietary damage.


Lexland Lawyers offers services under the option “No win, no fee”, by means of which the payment of fees will be based on results and the client will only be charged when they obtain a resolution favourable to their interests, either fully or partially, in the legal proceedings.*

  • Physical and moral damage

Our professionals are specialists in claiming compensation in cases of physical damage, as well as moral damage in order to compensate for any injury of any degree.

  • Traffic accidents

Lexland has a team of lawyers specializing in traffic accidents, who responsible for claiming the maximum compensation for any damage caused in such event.

In these difficult and complex situations, it is essential to be understanding, and provide a humane and friendly treatment. In Lexland we are aware of this and can manage such cases in the most efficient manner.

We are specialized in handling cases of different levels of complexity: death, injuries such as whiplash, long-term diseases, less serious accidents, and injuries involving all types of road accidents.

Whether it is a pedestrian or a motorist, cyclist, a driver or a passenger that was involved in the accident, our attorneys specialise in claiming compensation for damages caused in traffic accidents and can advise you on how to proceed. Keep in mind that we operate under “no win, no fee” scenario.

  • Falls and slips

Other types of accidents include slips, trips and falls in public places, such as streets, shops and workplace. In fact these are the most common types of accidents. Our team consists of lawyers specialising in claiming compensation for falls in public places. They would be happy to help you claim the compensation you are entitled to.

  • Noise Complaints

Another variant of claim for damages is the demand for neighborhood noise. This is also one of the most common problems among citizens, however everyone is aware that it is possible that the person causing the noise must indemnify the suffering. In Lexland we have specialists who can help you claim against the unpleasant and loud noise caused by your neighbors.

  • Medical Negligence

We specialize in managing cases of various kinds that from clinical negligence. Our aim is to protect and defend clients who have been affected by medical errors and ensure that a corresponding compensation can be claimed.

  • Defamation: libel, slander, etc

If you have been offended by an insult, slander, or have been a victim of any type of discrimination, you should know that it is possible to obtain compensation for damages resulting from verbal offense. Lexland Lawyers can handle your case and will determine the best way of conducting a defamation suit.

  • And many others…

Lexland is a multidisciplinary firm, which allows you to address all kinds of issues and at the same time make you feel assured that these issues will be dealt with in a professional and efficient manner.

Lexland is the owner of the Trademark “No win, no fee”. No: 011079696*The conditions of this fee will be evaluated for each individual case.

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