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Criminal Law

At Lexland we have professionals specializing in Criminal Law, prepared to represent and defend those who face certain offenses and penalties.

Below we highlight the most popular services offered under this area of law:

  • Confidence trick

If you were a victim of a fraud, Lexland Lawyers will provide you with all the necessary legal services and legal defense to protect your interests.

  • Crimes such as assault, robbery, assault with violence, or sexual offence

Our professional team has specialists who can assist in the matters arising from crimes such as assault with violence or sexual offense.

  • Drug offenses

Advice on issues arising from the crimes resulting from usage of drugs (marijuana, hard drugs and others).

  • Wiping a criminal record

After the termination of criminal liability, the cancelation of criminal records may be required. In Lexland we have experts who are in charge of processing these applications and have a deep understanding of the requirements for requesting the cancellation.

  • Fraud

Our lawyers are aware of the need to articulate a good defense from the moment that allegations of fraud are received to ensure the client is unharmed.

  • Traffic Offenses

Our firm has qualified lawyers with extensive experience in the field of traffic accidents. They are experienced professionals both in terms of traffic offenses and in terms of compensation claims for damages arising from injuries sustained in these accidents.

  • Cybercrimes

With the advancement of new technologies, new types of crime such as theft of computer data, hacking, and others have emerged. In Lexland Lawyers we seek the most appropriate solutions to your legal case and our professionals can offer both advice, and litigation assistance in these areas.

  • Crimes against the environment and urban crime

We are a firm that has a great sense of commitment to the environment, with experienced professionals in the field of environment and urban planning.

  • Criminal Business Law

In the scenario where your company is being prosecuted for fraud, our lawyers specializing in Criminal Law will defend your case with solvency to avoid economic damage.

  • Crimes against public health

Lexland provides legal advice to businesses is facing an investigation or public health-related prosecution.

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