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Labour Law

Staying on top of the current and upcoming employment regulations is a challenge, which is why Lexland Lawyers are here to help and guide you through this maze. Our highly qualified experts can assist both companies and employees on numerous labour related matters. In the case of companies, our attorneys handle issues such as the preparation of contracts, employment regulation and redundancy schemes, collective agreements and other functions.

The following are some of the services that our Labor Department offers to our clients:

  • Proceedings before the Work Inspection

Our specialists will advise you on how to act before the Labour Inspector and will provide all the legal assistance up to the requirements and notifications as set by the Labour Inspectorate.

  • Hiring, bonuses and special working conditions

Lexland offers advice on the adequate hiring procedures for every circumstance with accordance to company’s needs, as well as on possible bonuses applicable for each case.

  • Advising companies on issues such as:

Penal law, contract modifications and suspensions, distribution of working hours, compensation policies, corporate successions, illegal transfers, licenses and permits, labour rights, labour costs, appropriate contractual arrangement.

  • Drafting and negotiation of the Collective Agreement

After a period of meetings and negotiations carried out with employee’s representation, our specialists will carry out the development of the collective agreement, as well as its its presentation and registration at the Labour Authority.

  • Procedure for selecting Convention

If the company wants to change conditions outlined in the convention, our specialists can analyze the existing cause and will conduct negotiation sessions with employee’s representation. The outcome of the agreement will be communicated to the Joint Commission.

Our labour lawyers can also help with the following queries:

  • Drafting of all types of written work and resources in the field of Pre-Litigation and Labour Litigation at all levels.
  • Conducting legal Due Diligence in the workplace.
  • Employment restructuring

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