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Remove the Floor Clause from your Mortgage and Reclaim thousands of euros!


septiembre 18, 2016


Over the past decade, a vast majority of banks in Spain included in their mortgage contracts variable interest rates – clauses known as the Floors or Floor Clauses. Due to their lack of transparency and clarity, the Spanish Supreme Court has officially declared them illegal, asking the banks to reimburse the borrower with the interest that he had been paid under this clause.


According to the official data there are over 200,000 foreigners, including over 50,000 Brits who are entitled to reclaim up to €15,000 in compensation for the overpaid amounts and eligible to get a reduction on their mortgage interest.


Lexland can help those affected to claim their money back without charging any upfront payment until the case is actually won and compensation claimed. That means that the lawyers’ fees, procurator’s fees, the costs of granting the Power of Attorney, as well as other costs are all covered by Lexland.

If you believe that you are one of 2.5 million affected individuals, the first step is to click on Contact Us. Please fill in and submit the form to ask for a free revision of your mortgage.

With a 99% success rate, we can say with some certainty that you are in good hands to claim back every euro you have overpaid. It’s a WIN-WIN scenario!

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